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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon May 26 2003 - 18:17:49 EDT

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    From: "Pim Blokland" <>
    > Karl Pentzlin schreef:
    > > In quality typography, does the "ij" in "bijectie" look different
    > > from an ij ligature?
    > > Is it recommended to write "bi[ZWNJ]jectie" when you don't use
    > > U+0133 for "common" "ij"s?
    > No, it's just one word; we don't put non-joiners inside a word.
    > It also should not look any different from words where the ij is one
    > sound.
    > My feelings at this moment are that if you do want to make the
    > difference clear, write U+0133 for the "normal" ij sound and i+j for
    > when it's supposed to be two letters, and don't use any tricks such
    > as non-joiners. (If you MUST resort to tricks like that, my gut
    > feeling would be to use a joiner such as U+034F inside "normal" ijs
    > and nothing between the ij in bijectie. Again, no non-joiners inside
    > words!)
    > Pim Blokland
    > P.S. I haven't yet stumbled upon any words starting with ij which
    > were NOT pronounced with the ij sound. I'm beginning to think words
    > like that don't exist.

    I totally agree. SpecialCasing rules are needed only for the support of existing words and rules appropriate with a real language. We MUST ignore inexistant words and treat them the same as other existing words for that language.

    -- Philippe.

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