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From: William Overington (
Date: Wed May 28 2003 - 03:00:51 EDT

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    Peter Constable wrote as follows.

    > Moreover, a while back, I took a look at the forum in which DVB-MHP is
    being discussed to see how people there responded to your ideas, and
    discovered that nobody there was interested (as indicated by lack of any
    response to your posts). If it's not worth discussing in that place, where
    it is centrally on topic, it's not worth discussing here.

    A lack of response to a post is not in any way any indication of lack of
    interest. It might perhaps be that nobody was interested, yet a lack [sic]
    of any response is no measure of interest or otherwise. If people simply
    agreed, or thought it interesting and something to possibly bear in mind for
    the future then there would be no need to reply.

    Part of the process of the "publication option" of getting an invention
    implemented is to place the information before people so that as many of
    one's ideas as possible are there when the idea gets taken up. Once it is
    taken up, various people may start adding items as they are needed: the more
    that the inventor has published and placed before people before taking-up
    takes place the more of the inventors ideas are likely to be in the
    implemented system. So publishing the details is important.

    For example, it might be that my list of Private Use Area code point
    allocations for multimedia programmed learning authorship within Unicode
    text files might be printed out and filed by industrial librarians.

    Although Private Use Area code point allocations have no standing in
    relation to the Unicode Standard, there is no reason why they should not be
    used consistently and widely within a specialist domain, such as, for
    example, digital interactive broadcasting. Indeed, Private Use Area code
    points could be widely used for some activities such as multimedia authoring

    I feel that it needs to be pointed out that many people are not allowed to
    post in public forums or to comment publicly on technical matters and ideas
    which relate to their employment, so lack [sic] of response to my ideas is
    no indication of any lack of interest.

    However, it might indeed be that there is no interest in my code point
    allocations, yet that is the chance which I, as an inventor, need to take
    when trying to follow the publication option to get an invention
    implemented. It worked for my telesoftware invention however, as that
    invention is now at the centre of digital interactive television systems and
    the word telesoftware is in the Oxford English Dictionary.

    William Overington

    28 May 2003

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