Re: Not snazzy (was: New Unicode Savvy Logo)

From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed May 28 2003 - 14:51:23 EDT

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    At 11:16 AM 5/28/2003, Edward H Trager wrote:

    >On Wed, 28 May 2003, Doug Ewell wrote:
    > > I don't really think we are trying to say that a Web page is
    > > "knowledgeable" about Unicode, but rather that it "uses" or "takes
    > > advantage of" Unicode. How about "Powered by Unicode"?
    >I don't think "powered" is the right word. "Unicode Compliant" is more to
    >the point. Also, I think it would be easier to get reasonable
    >translations for "compliant".

    Compliant is a problem term, as compliance is a problem concept. I believe
    we discussed, some months ago, the problem of claiming compliance for
    systems or applications, since very little (any?) software implements
    everything in Unicode or implements everything equally well. What would it
    mean to say that a website is 'Unicode compliant'? Is there any point in
    proclaiming a website 'Unicode compliant' if the visitor is using a browser
    that is *not* Unicode compliant insofar as being able to correctly display
    that site?

    Magda wrote: 'Very often the Unicode Consortium has received requests from
    webmasters who wished to indicate with a logo or banner that their site
    supports or uses Unicode.' It seems to me that these webmasters are asking
    for something that doesn't really mean anything except, presumably, 'Get
    your UTF-8 here!'

    So before critiquing the design of the logo -- ugly though it is --, or
    redesigning it, I think it would be a good idea to clarify the purpose of
    the exercise.

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