RE: Not snazzy (was: New Unicode Savvy Logo)

From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 06:12:38 EDT

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    Rick McGowan wrote:
    > 2. It is unikely that the Unicode *logo* itself (i.e. the thing at
    > will be incorporated
    > directly in any image that people are allowed to put on their
    > websites, because to put the Unicode logo on a product or whatever
    > requires a license agreement. I.e. the submissions from E. Trager
    > are out of scope because they contain the Unicode logo on the
    > left side.

    As this comes from an Unicode official, I guess we should simply accept
    it... Nevertheless, I wonder whether displaying the Unicode *logo* per se
    has the same legal implication as displaying a *banner* which contains the
    Unicode logo.

    IMVHO, that seems like the difference between producing a T-shirt with the
    Unicode logo and wearing it. In the first case, I must demonstrate that I
    asked and obtained the permission from the trade-mark owner; in the second
    case, I don't have to demonstrate anything (apart, maybe, that I did not
    steal that piece of garment).

    _ Marco

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