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Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 21:48:40 EDT

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    Rick posted a message recently he intended as a personal contribution,
    but it may have been interpreted as an official statement. Here is
    some clarification of what he wrote.

    1. His point about compliance and conformance was intended to indicate
    that using the "savvy" logo would only indicate that the pages used
    the Unicode encoding; it would not imply that the site had met any
    other formal conformance criteria. (He did not intend to imply that
    Unicode does not have conformance clauses; Chapter 3 has many of

    2. It would be possible for the consortium to incorporate the Unicode
    logo into the "savvy" logo, and use weaker permissions than are
    required for use of the Unicode logo, but that may not be the best way
    to go because it could cause confusion between the two.

    Clearly there is a good deal of interest in the physical appearance of
    the "savvy" logo, and we will take that feedback into consideration!

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    > Since nobody else is saying anything even semi-official, let me
    > inject... As we move through this discussion of snazziness and
    > aspects of the "Unicode Savvy" logo, people should keep a couple of
    > things in mind:
    > 1. UTC has not grappled with what "compliant" means, and
    > that happens, you're not going to see that word used in conjunction
    > any logo or stamp of approval. You can also rule out "conformant".
    > 2. It is unikely that the Unicode *logo* itself (i.e. the thing at
    > will be incorporated
    > directly in any image that people are allowed to put on their
    > because to put the Unicode logo on a product or whatever requires a
    > license agreement. I.e. the submissions from E. Trager are out of
    > because they contain the Unicode logo on the left side.
    > Those are just some things to keep in mind...
    > Rick

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