Re: Aramaic Roadmap (was: Persian or Farsi?)

From: Edward C. D. Hopkins (
Date: Fri May 30 2003 - 10:36:11 EDT

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    > At 12:18 -0400 2003-05-22, Edward C. D. Hopkins wrote:
    > >But toward being back on topic: it is not clear to me if the roadmap
    > >includes or rejects Arsacid Parthian/Parthian Aramaic (and other descriptive
    > >names have been used). Can someone knowledgeable on inclusion of this
    > >Aramaic variant script in Unicode enlighten me?
    > Not without detail. But if it's a variant of Aramaic, it is likely to
    > have been unified with Aramaic (which has not yet been encoded).

    What level of detail would you like? I was unable to find a comprehensive Aramaic proposal but did find UTC #3 (1992-1993), N1932 (1998), N2042 (1999), N2311 (2001) and N2556 (2002).

    In other UTC documents, I found Carl-Martin BUNZ, Encoding Scripts from the Past: Conceptual and Practical Problems and Solutions. (read at 17th IUC, San Jose, California, September 2000). Bunz classes Parthian as "Category B1, in need of encoding".

    I also recently came across an article in the Journal of Assyrian Academic Studies that is of interest: The Aramaic Language and its Classification, by Efrem Yildiz.

    I would like to pursue this to learn what is needed to encode Parthian Aramaic.


    Chris Hopkins

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