Re: Rare extinct latin letters

Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 10:02:52 EDT

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    William Overington wrote on 06/02/2003 01:06:25 AM:

    > I am wondering whether the range from U+F200 through to U+F2FF is being
    > by anyone for anything.

    This is a nonsense question. It should never matter to person A whether
    others are using particular PUA codepoints *unless* person A needs to
    interchange with person B, in which case A and B need to agree on that
    range if A intends to use it in interchaning with B.

    Your question seems to be assuming the community of Unicode users at large
    can share agreements on PUA assignments, and in response I'd say that
    effectively you must assume that every last PUA codepoint is being used by
    somebody somewhere. (And I can assure you that somebody has their own use
    for F200..F2FF.)

    - Peter

    Peter Constable

    Non-Roman Script Initiative, SIL International
    7500 W. Camp Wisdom Rd., Dallas, TX 75236, USA
    Tel: +1 972 708 7485

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