Re: Rare extinct latin letters

From: William Overington (
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 02:06:25 EDT

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    Patrick Andries wrote as follows.

    > [PA] I believe the need of an encoding may be pragmatically ascertained, I
    don't known about the real linguistic value of an alphabet. I have, by
    the way, no problem if someone says : Sorry, too idiosyncratic and
    excentric ! Use the private user area if you need such characters. This
    may well be the case.

    I suggest that a good idea would be for you to produce a list of which
    characters you would like and encode them as a Private Use Area encoding and
    publish the list. That would bring the possibility of being able to use the
    characters in a Unicode compatible environment one step closer. If they are
    one day promoted to regular Unicode then fine, otherwise there would
    nevertheless be a consistent encoding available for anyone who chooses to
    use it, which would help in interoperability.

    If you choose to encode them in the Private Use Area, it is entirely up to
    you which code points you specify within the range U+E000 through to U+F8FF.
    However, you might like to take into account the code ranges already being
    used by various fonts which use the Private Use Area as avoiding a clash
    might increase the chances of the characters becoming added into established
    fonts such as Code2000, Gentium and Junicode, as well as being added into
    fonts designed specifically for older French texts. If a set of code point
    allocations is widely available, then the chances for implementation itself
    and implementation in an interoperable manner are increased.

    I am wondering whether the range from U+F200 through to U+F2FF is being used
    by anyone for anything. So perhaps, if you choose to encode the rare
    extinct latin letters in the Private Use Area, if anyone who reads this
    knows of whether U+F200 through to U+F2FF is being used by anyone for
    anything perhaps he or she might draw attention to the fact in this forum

    William Overington

    2 June 2003

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