Re: Letterforms based on p

From: Lukas Pietsch (
Date: Sat Jun 07 2003 - 09:27:56 EDT

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    > >I was hoping to find someone who had additional evidence for this

    I happened to come across it the other day in a modern printed edition
    of 17th- to 19th century handwritten English letters (Miller, Kerby
    A., Arnold Schrier, Bruce D. Boling, & David N. Doyle. 2002. _Irish
    immigrants in the land of Canaan: letters and memoirs from colonial
    and revolutionary America, 1675-1815._ Oxford: Oxford UP) I haven't
    got it here just now, but if it is important I might be able to
    provide a few scans.

    If I remember correctly, it was being used just as an handwritten
    ligature of the word "per", as in "per day", "per year", etc.


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