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From: Alistair Vining (
Date: Sat Jun 07 2003 - 07:17:45 EDT

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    Asmus Freytag wrote:
    > I keep coming across a letterlike symbol based on the letter p. In going
    > through my collections, I found it listed in a table of symbols in an
    > excerpt from the US Government Printing office style manual from 1984.
    > [...]
    > Can anyone shed further light on this character? I assume this is a lower
    > case form, does anyone care to confirm that?

    There's a list of "the ordinary fount of 275 characters" which has "Commercial Signs"
    in a row:
    @ [per] lb / $ % + - =
    in the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language, p. 190, taken from a 1916 book. There
    it's definitely upper case, in the sense that it extends from the top of the l and b
    to below the baseline.

    > I recently found anther symbol based on the letter p, this time,
    > definitely a lower case letter. It's used with subscripted digits to
    > denote papyri in at least one numbering scheme.
    > [...]
    > Can anyone shed more light on this second symbol? Are there other sources
    > that use just that form? Are there sources that seem to number papyri with
    > the same notation (p plus digits) but use typographically different styles?

    See . Biblical
    textual critics have run out of letters after A-Z.

    Alistair Vining

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