Letterforms based on p

From: Asmus Freytag (asmusf@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Fri Jun 06 2003 - 17:47:17 EDT

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    I keep coming across a letterlike symbol based on the letter p. In going
    through my collections, I found it listed in a table of symbols in an
    excerpt from the US Government Printing office style manual from 1984.

    That symbol is named 'per' and looks like

    To me, the symbol looks like something that's not unifiable with anything
    existing in the standard. The loopy form is quite distinct and not similar
    to any other character in the standard with a letterform based on p.

    Can anyone shed further light on this character? I assume this is a lower
    case form, does anyone care to confirm that?

    I recently found anther symbol based on the letter p, this time, definitely
    a lower case letter. It's used with subscripted digits to denote papyri in
    at least one numbering scheme.

    The following is the symbol as I find it in the source

    Someone suggested unification with 1D513 MATHEMATICAL FRAKTUR CAPITAL P,
    but that makes no sense as it clearly appears to be a *lower case* letter,
    since it descends below the baseline. For comparision, our Fraktur forms are:

    31cf2e9.jpg and 31cf343.jpg31cf37f.jpg31cf39d.jpg31cf3b1.jpg

    There is some resemblance in the way the bowl of the p is treated in 1D52D,
    but the decoration and overall impression are not like any Fraktur font I
    have access to.

    Can anyone shed more light on this second symbol? Are there other sources
    that use just that form? Are there sources that seem to number papyri with
    the same notation (p plus digits) but use typographically different styles?

    Can anyone place the font style for the specimen above?




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