RE: Letterforms based on p

From: Jim Allan (
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 10:30:30 EDT

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    Jarkko posted:

    > Yes, I can understand that having to browse through the whole of OED to find out
    > where e.g. the hypolemniscus is being used sounds a little bit, uhm, tedious...

    One can quickly search for these symbols in the OED web edition.

    That is actually what the page I cited is for, to give names of the
    symbols which allow the symbol to be searched for in the text by
    including that name between # signs in the search string.

    But to do this, one needs to have paid $550 US for a yearly subscription
    to the service. :-(

    Perhaps some user of this list has such a subscription or has access to
    the site through an institution that has such a subscription and could
    help Asmus out by looking up the OED use of these symbols or its
    citations of sources in which the symbols occur.

    Jim Allan

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