Re: Missing Character, Armenian Eterntity

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 19:20:42 EDT

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    At 18:50 -0400 2003-06-15, Steven Shamlian wrote:
    >"Perhaps the most common Pre-Christian symbol still in use today, is
    >the round, whirling symbol of eternity. In Armenia it is found
    >everywhere, in architecture; on doors, walls and on tombstones. It
    >can also be found as part of various logotypes including the
    >Dashnaktsutyun Party." The symbol is also used as a dingbat in
    >magazines and other contemporary publications. I hope that this has
    >made the use of the symbol more clear.

    Can you provide examples of its use as a dingbat in magazines and
    other contemporary publications?

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