Re: Major Defect in Combining classes of Tibetan Vowels

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sat Jun 21 2003 - 21:58:44 EDT

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    From: "Christopher John Fynn" <>
    > So following normal Tibetan & Dzongkha input and spelling rules
    > the relative ordering of these characters should be:
    > A. 0F71 (CCV=129)
    > B. 0F74 (CCV=132)
    > C. 0F72, 0F7A, 0F7B, 0F7C, 0F7D, 0F80 (CCV=130)
    > D. 0F7E, (CCV=0) 0F82, 0F83 (CCV=230)

    Apart from defining a UCA-based decomposition, there does not
    seem to be an easy solution. This would require preprocessing
    of text similar to what is done for Arabic or Brahmic script
    layout processing (where ligature and character or subglyph
    reordering is performed before looking up for glyphs and ligatures
    in fonts). On Windows, it would require using UniScribe, but
    for collation, changes are still possible, because the UCA
    order can still be modified to document these reordering rules.

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