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Date: Sat Jun 21 2003 - 23:18:27 EDT

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    From: "Philippe Verdy" <>
    > It's difficult to imagine that this sound mark
    >can be considered as an extender of a Latin letter, to which it does not
    >apply really.

    Yes, it doesn't apply.

    >For the case of a prolonged sound mark after a Latin letter, I don't know
    >how to classify this usage, but my translator persisted to say it was
    >correct, and refused to insert a space before it (and he was probably
    >right if it's effectively interpreted as an extender of the last vowel,
    >if it's a latin vowel...

    We don't agree that U+30FC is ever grammatical after a Latin letter.Your
    translator could have meant an em-dash. If he really meant U+30FC, we can't

    Some people typing Japanese (on a Mac) don't bother to switch back to
    English to enter a dash, and instead get U+30FC. The same key is used for
    both. So there are plenty floating around out there. Also, its increasing
    use with hiragana seems to be becoming accepted. This was not its original
    function as an extender of katakana, so it appears to be in a state of flux.

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