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    (reminded of a South Park Episode... the spelling bee in "Hooked on Monkey

    MAYOR: Here we go - "kroxldyphivc".
    KYLE: What?!?
    MAYOR: "kroxldyphivc".
    KYLE: Definition?
    MAYOR: Something which has a kroxldyph-like quality.
    KYLE: Uh, could you use it in a sentence?
    MAYOR: Certainly -- " 'Kroxldyphivc' is a hard word to spell."

    Of course, with a definition and usage example like that, its no wonder Kyle
    messed up the word and lost the spelling bee. :-)


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    > It seems to me the proposal would present a stronger case if samples were
    > available that were something *other* than an explanation of the symbol in
    > a dictionary, encyclopaedia, or other reference. It would be similar to
    > these kinds of samples if I were to create a proposal using as a sample
    > the Phonetic Symbol Guide, but that might not clearly show if a character
    > was something that was merely proposed by someone at one time but never
    > actually used -- in such a case, taking a sample from Phonetic Symbol
    > Guide does not really demonstrate the need to encode as a character for
    > text representation. Likewise, the sample for (e.g.) the fleur-de-lis
    > doesn't really provide a case that this should be a character to
    > facilitate representation in text. It wouldn't be hard to provide a
    > comparable descriptive paragraph that began with an image of the Stars and
    > Stripes, but I don't think we'd want to encode the US flag as a character.
    > I'm not saying that I oppose the proposed characters; just that samples of
    > a different nature would make for a stronger case.
    > - Peter
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