Re: [ot] anyone know of a good "sending accessible emails" guideline page?

From: Ben Dougall (
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 07:46:14 EDT

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    On Friday, June 20, 2003, at 01:56 pm, Frank da Cruz wrote:

    >> does anyone know of a simple, explanatory web page, aimed at not too
    >> technical people, based on sending *accessible* email, and if really
    >> necessary attachments and the problems related to attachments
    >> (specifically inaccessibly, not viruses).
    >> i'm looking for a nice concise web page that i can give the address to
    >> people who keep asking me about email attachments and reading email.
    >> more often than not, the problem is with the sender, so i'd like to
    >> find a web page that they can pass to people (who are more than likely
    >> not knowledgeable about computers) in the event of unreadable email
    >> and
    >> in particular unreadable attachments.
    >> very often an attachment isn't needed (like attaching a ms word
    >> document when emails themselves are text) and i'd like to know about a
    >> web page explaining that thoroughly but simply.
    >> anyone know of such a magical page?
    > You mean something like this?
    > It includes sections on email.

    thanks Frank, but not really :/

    looking for something much more simpler and to-the-point and
    explanatory (a *small* page) that informs senders of the
    inaccessibility issues and how to avoid them by not attaching files
    unnecessarily. a very simple practical guide for how to go about that
    and the reasoning behind it.

    for people who aren't really interested in computers as a subject in
    themselves and don't want to get bogged down in involved text about
    them. (yes, there are such people)

    i've found 2 pages that are towards the sort of thing i'm after:
    (the second one, to start with, i only found a pdf version of it, which
    i thought was quite funny, but then i realised there was also an html

    but those still aren't quite what i'm looking for.

    apparently the bbc just did a guide on accessibility issues (such as
    not using proprietary formats) and released it as a pdf (not html)!
    then also as a .doc!! :) oh dear.
    (i suppose technically pdf is not a proprietary format (?), but still,
    not far off.)

    Ken, on this list, suggested i write this myself. my get out: some m.s.
    software knowledge would be needed, which i don't have. :)

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