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Date: Wed Jun 25 2003 - 01:56:06 EDT

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    Philippe Verdy wrote on 06/24/2003 04:54:30 AM:

    > This symbol [fleur-de-lis] is commonly found and used in some printed
    > sometimes as a bullet-like character, but most often to terminate a
    > chapter or add "fioritures" near a title

    Well, such examples are better than a sample showing a description of the
    symbol and its significance. But bullets and flourishes aren't necessarily
    candidates for encoding in the UCS. There are an endless number of
    possible flourishes.

    > often used in patterns of
    > 3 symbols

    If the bullet / flourish is a set of 3 f-d-l in an inverted triangular
    pattern, someone would have to be proposing that combination as a
    distinct, atomic character.

    > royalists, when opponsed to the later Emperor supporters which used
    > the Eagle, and the Republicans using branches of chest and olivetrees).

    So, I suppose these are going to be proposed, too.

    > A similar, culturally linked symbol is the "ermine spot", shortly
    > "ermine"

    And the lion, and the gryffen, and the dragon, and...

    > The ermine spot seems to be found and used in
    > various places, including modern book publications within text,
    > where it is not only considered "decorative" but linked to a strong
    > Breton reference.

    Create a doc with samples.

    - Peter

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