Re: Question about Unicode Ranges in TrueType fonts

From: Andrew C. West (
Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 10:13:27 EDT

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    On Thu, 26 Jun 2003 14:26:13 +0200, "Philippe Verdy" wrote:

    > Isn't there a work-around with the following function (quote from Microsoft
    > MSDN):
    > (with the caveat that you first need to allocate and fill a Unicode string for
    > the
    > codepoints you want to test, and this can be lengthy if one wants to retreive
    > full list of supported codepoints).
    > However, this is still the best function to use to know if a string can
    > effectively
    > be rendered before drawing it...
    > _*GetGlyphIndices*_

    GetGlyphIndices() or Uniscribe's ScriptGetCMap() would be OK for checking
    coverage for small Unicode blocks such as Gothic (27 codepoints) or even
    Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols (992 codepoints), but I suspect your
    application would freeze if you tried to use it to work out exact codepoint
    coverage of CJK-B (42,711 codepoints) and PUA-A and PUA-B (65,534 codepoints


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