RE: Major Defect in Combining Classes of Tibetan Vowels (Hebrew)

Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 13:09:04 EDT

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    Jony Rosenne wrote on 06/26/2003 06:26:02 AM:

    > It may look, silly, but it is correct. What you see are letters
    according to
    > the writing tradition, which does not include a Yod, and vowels
    according to
    > the reading tradition which does.

    I understand that. My point was, you were talking about phonology, but in
    terms of the text, it was not correct: there *are* multiple vowels on a
    single consonant.

    > There are in the Bible other, more extreme
    > cases.

    I'd be interested on whatever info you can provide in that regard.

    > I don't think we need any new characters, ZERO WIDTH SPACE would do and
    > requires no new semantics.

    No, that's a terrible solution: a space creates unwanted word boundaries.

    > Moreover, everybody who knows his Hebrew Bible
    > knows the Yod is there although it isn't written.

    But the point is, how to people encode the text? The yod is not there in
    the text. How does a publisher encode text in the typesetting process? How
    do researchsers encode the text they want to analyze? Saying, "everybody
    knows there's a yod there" doesn't provide a solution, particular given
    that the researchers know in point of fact that the consonantal text
    explicitly does not include a yod.

    > The Meteg is a completely different issue. There is a small number of
    > were the Meteg is placed differently. Since it does not behave the same
    > the regular Meteg, and is thus visually distinguishable, it should be
    > possible to add a character, as long as it is clearly named.

    That is a potential solution, thought it would have to be *two* additional

    - Peter

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