Re: Question about Unicode Ranges in TrueType fonts

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 15:37:05 EDT

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    On Thursday, June 26, 2003 8:16 PM, Elisha Berns <> wrote:
    > It would appear from your answer that even after implementing the
    > algorithm to search the Unicode block coverage of a font, the actual
    > comparison "data", that is which blocks to compare and how many code
    > points, is totally undefined. Is there any kind of standard for
    > defining what codepoints are required to write a given language? This
    > seems like the issue that fontconfig gets around by using all those
    > .orth files which define the codepoints for a given language. But is
    > there any standardized set of language required codepoint definitions
    > that could be used?
    > Anyways, where is the up-to-date list of Unicode blocks to be found?

    On the website or its published book.

    > It's odd to think that the old way of using Charset identifiers in
    > fonts worked a lot more cleanly for finding fonts matching a
    > language/language group. I would think this kind of core issue would
    > be addressed more cleanly by the font standard.

    The ICU datafiles contain such list of codes needed to cover almost completely each combination of language+script.
    Now these datafiles are shared across multiple implementations with the I18n initiative project, which tries to define a common source of locale data for multiple vendors (preiously this project was in now extended to cover other open systems than Linux, such as most BSD and Unix variants, with a joint effort with the GNU project and other Unix and Java solution providers)...

    Of course, nothing forbids a particular text to use other characters than those strictly needed for a particular language...

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