Re: Biblical Hebrew (Was: Major Defect in Combining Classes of Tibetan Vowels)

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 18:55:48 EDT

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    At 15:36 -0700 2003-06-26, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

    >I now like better the suggestions of RLM or WJ for this.

    ZZZZZZZT. Thank you for playing.

    RLM is for forcing the right behaviour for stops and parentheses and
    question marks and so on. Introducing it between two combining
    characters in Hebrew text would break all kinds of things, and would
    be horrible, horrible, horrible. Invent a new control character for
    this weird property-killer, if you must, but don't use an ordering
    mark for it.

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