Re: Yerushala(y)im - or Biblical Hebrew (was Major Defect in Combining Classes of Tibetan Vowels)

From: John Hudson (
Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 18:48:02 EDT

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    At 03:04 PM 6/26/2003, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

    > > How about RLM?
    >This already belongs, naturally, in the context of the Hebrew
    >text handling, which is going to have to handle bidi controls.

    Ouch. RLM is not expected to fall between combining marks. Not only does
    this not render correctly, Uniscribe treats it as an illegal sequence and
    inserts a dotted circle before the second mark.

    >Another possibility to consider is U+2060 WORD JOINER, the
    >version of the zero width non-breaking space unfreighted with
    >the BOM confusion of U+FEFF.

    I can't test this at the moment, because none of the fonts I have support it.

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