Re: Biblical Hebrew

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 20:48:12 EDT

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    Rick wrote:

    > > I now like better the suggestions of RLM or WJ for this.
    > I'll have to disagree with Ken. I'm not so sure about either of these. I
    > don't think anyone has, in the past, considered what conforming or
    > non-conforming behavior would be for a RLM or WJ between two combining
    > marks. This needs a bunch more study to determine what on earth it would
    > break in existin implementations.

    Point taken.

    > On the other hand, ZWJ between two combining marks has at least been
    > discussed, and in the case of Indic anyway, it has known, documented
    > effects.

    This, however, has the same problem. The specification of the use
    of ZWJ and ZWNJ in Indic scripts is not *between* two combining
    marks, but following a combining mark (halant), preceding another
    base character, usually a consonant. So we don't really know what
    the implications of trying to put it between two combining marks
    would be -- there aren't any specifications for doing so (yet).


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