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From: Nick Nicholas (
Date: Thu Jul 03 2003 - 00:59:41 EDT

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    I am drafting a website on everything you ever wanted to about Greek
    and Unicode --- more from a historical/linguistic than a practical
    viewpoint. This is far from complete, and will take months to,
    particularly as I am doing all the character stories ever for Greek.
    It also is not particularly referenced at the moment, and contains
    assertions I will have to moderate, etc. Particularly when I presume
    to expound on the politics of getting codepoints changed.

    Nonetheless, you might find the page on prosgegrammeni informative: . As you'll see
    there, I regard the current treatment of prosgegrammeni casing a
    misfeature, but I have no interest in proposing a revision of the
    case mapping, even though (Thank God) that property is not normative
    as far as I know.

    Feel free to comment to me offline, threaten me with litigation, etc.
    (Seriously, I do not speak for the Unicode Consortium nor intend to,
    but I also don't wish to misrepresent it; so if something in there is
    injudicious, please let me know.) Like I say, the page is very much
    in draft still, but I've got enough there now to solicit comment on.

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