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Date: Mon Jul 07 2003 - 20:03:06 EDT

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    On 07/07/2003 2:51 PM, Peter Kirk wrote:
    > ... Also a surprising number of languages have been
    > written in Hebrew script at various times. ...

    One doesn't have to look at exotic languages (or the Hebrew Bible) to find
    strange uses of Hebrew characters. I have a modern Hebrew-English dictionary
    that uses all kinds of non-standard Hebrew orthography to represent the
    correct pronunciation of English words to Hebrew speakers. There are things
    like a hard pe at the end of a word, two alefs in a row ("oar" is shown as
    being pronounced alef-point holam-alef), a hiriq under the last consonant,
    two vowels (not both combining, though) on a consonant ("how" ->
    he-qamats-shuruq), etc. (Some of the more amusing entries are the Hebrew
    pronunciation guides to the English translations of Hebrew names.)

    So I'd hate to use modern Hebrew language orthography rules as the basis for
    setting expectations regarding modern Hebrew character usage.


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