Re: [OT] When is a character a currency sign?

From: Alexandros Diamantidis (
Date: Tue Jul 08 2003 - 04:58:48 EDT

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    * Philippe Verdy <> [2003-07-08 02:34]:
    > With the Euro, a lot of currency units lost their symbol:
    > - the Greek Drachme symbol (or is it really only a currency symbol or
    > an alternate form of the Delta?)

    I don't think the glyph shown in the Unicode charts (a cursive "Δρ") was
    very common, at least in recent years (that is, I've only seen it in
    those charts!). The usual abbreviation for drachmas is "Δρχ" or "δρχ".

    Two other signs I've seen on price stickers and similar places are "ΔΡ"
    rotated 90° counterclockwise, or a "Δ" over a "Ρ" in a column like this:


    These signs were sized to take the same space as digits.

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