Re: Unicode Conf. in Africa? India? (Re: 24th Unicode Conference - Atlanta, GA ...)

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Fri Jul 11 2003 - 17:32:53 EDT

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    > I've come back to my mailbox a bit amazed to find so much mail on this
    > address issue. I'd have to agree with Peter's last on the topic - not to
    > prolong the thread (!) but to pick up on his description of Gabon as a
    > country "not particularly known for involvement in this industry." Is
    > any likelihood of a Unicode conference being held somewhere in Africa with
    > bit more going on in ICT (South Africa? Ghana ?)

    Good idea. I would propose Tunisia or Morocco (the W3C has an office in
    Morocco, I believe) with some speakers in Arabic or French to help in the

    P. A.

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