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Date: Sat Jul 12 2003 - 14:36:46 EDT

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    I've just read about the Nu Shu script in the Portuguese edition of
    _National Geographic Magazine_ (Jun 2003: p. -26). (Yes, that's minus
    twenty six. These clueless morons think it's cool to have unnumbered
    sections in the beggining of each issue, so I had to count back from
    page 1.)

    Nu Shu was devised in secret by women in Jiangyong province, China, who
    were forbidden to learn reading and writing. It is based in «traditional
    Chinese», no idea wheather idoegraphic or more like bopomofo, and it is
    used in weaving (and apparently also written in paper).

    The article is also not clear about when all this happend, but states
    that currently government authorities are trying to protect Nu Shu by
    supporting a museum and lexicograpical registration work.

    What is the Unicode support for NuShu, planned or extant? CJK symbols,
    Bopomofo unification, something else?

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