Re: Nu Shu script

From: Andrew C. West (
Date: Tue Jul 15 2003 - 08:58:24 EDT

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    On Mon, 14 Jul 2003 15:15:44 -0700 (PDT), Kenneth Whistler wrote:

    > NuShu (or Nüshu) is periodically "discovered" and raised for
    > discussion on this list.

    There has been considerable interest in Nü Shu (literally "women's writing") in
    recent years, especially amongst feminist academics in Japan and the States. If
    anyone is interested in finding out more, the best web site on the subject is
    that of Professor ENDO Orie (

    As with other informal, non-standardised scripts, such as traditional Yi
    characters and Zhuang ideographs, I suspect that the Nü Shu script repetoire is
    going to vary considerably both geographically and chronologically, which will
    cause a big headache for anyone trying to formulate a proposal.

    Personally I think that Nü Shu is a borderline case for encoding in Unicode.
    Certainly there are a number of mainstream East Asian scripts that are more in
    need of encoding. At any rate, I don't think the Nü Shu script will be ripe for
    encoding until comprehensive dictionaries of the script have been published (I
    know that there are scholars in China who are compiling lists of Nü Shu
    characters, but I don't think any dictionaries have been published yet).


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