Re: Combining diacriticals and Cyrillic

Date: Mon Jul 14 2003 - 07:55:59 EDT

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    On 14/07/2003 11:10:35 Peter Kirk wrote:

    >But one part of it might be rescued, if I understand rendering
    >technologies correctly. Internally within a font only, Vladimir may
    >define glyphs for his precomposed characters and assign PUA code points
    >to them. In fact this seems to be how MS deals with some Hebrew
    >presentation forms (ones which aren't in FB1D-FB4F) in Times New Roman.
    >Then it can be part of the rendering technology Vladimir uses to
    >substitute for the standard Unicode for his letter-accent combinations
    >the PUA codes for the precomposed glyphs. For example, on a Microsoft
    >system this may be included in an OpenType table, and Uniscribe (but
    >only the soon to be released version which can process Cyrillic text)
    >will perform the required glyph substitution.

    None of the modern rendering technologies (OpenType, Graphite, AAT)
    require that PUA (or any other) code points be assigned to such
    precomposed glyphs.


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