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Date: Mon Jul 14 2003 - 22:16:20 EDT

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    Michael Everson scripsit:

    > It's 01:50, so don't expect too much coherence or detail....

    Feel free to reply tomorrow, then.

    > Phoenician, not Square Hebrew, is the script that the Greeks
    > borrowed. Square Hebrew developed subsequently, and while it is often
    > used to transliterate Phoenician, Ugaritic, Phoenician, and other
    > scripts, it seems inappropriate to subsume the earlier script in the
    > later. Phoenician is usually considered a Schrift-an-sich by students
    > of the history of writing.

    Latn has more letters than Latg does, because it's had to add more;
    Latg is older than the current use of Latn, though not than Latn's
    ancestor. Some Latg characters are hard to identify if all you know is
    Latn. But we don't encode them separately.

    > And the Samaritan Pentateuch is often printed in the Samaritan script.

    A font difference would handle that.

    I'd like someone whose native script is Hebrew to comment on mutual
    intelligibility, which was the main criterion for separating Glagolitic from

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