Re: About the European MES-2 subset (was: PUA Audio Description, Subtitle, Signing)

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Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 06:42:58 EDT

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    At 12:16 +0200 2003-07-18, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    >Is there some work at CEN to align its MES-2 subset into a revized
    >(MES-2.1 ???) which not only takes into consideration the ISO10646
    >reference but also its Unicode properties to make this set
    >self-closed, and actually implementable, at least with NFC closure
    >and case-mappings closure?

    No. The relevant CEN committee is now dormant.

    >I still note that modern Hebrew and Arabic are excluded from MES-2,
    >as they are not used in any official language in the European Union
    >or EFTA, or future EU candidates. But They are certainly of great
    >interest for countries with which the EU is a major partner, and
    >which are using these scripts. In some future, it would be needed to
    >include support for modern Georgian (a subset of U+10A0..U+10FF),
    >and modern Armenian (a subset of U+0530..U+058F), as well as some
    >characters from Cyrillic Supplementary (in U+0500..U+052F).

    The European Multilingual Subset supports all of Latin, Greek,
    Cyrillic, and Armenian. Unicode supports Hebrew and Arabic.

    >On the opposite, I don't understand why MES-2 included characters
    >in row U+25xx (Box Drawing, Block Elements, Geometric Shapes)

    Legacy compatability with IBM and others.

    >which are not strictly needed for text purpose (notably legal
    >publications of the E.U., which should better use markup systems),
    >and the two Alphabetic Presentation Forms U+FB01..U+FB02 (<fi> and
    ><fl> ligatures) which are really unneeded, even for legal purposes,
    >or they should have been coherent and included <ff>, <ffi>, <ffl>

    Legacy compatibility with Apple.

    >I suppose that this may come from widely used legacy encodings in
    >some EU+EFTA+European Council countries, but CEN should have avoided
    >them (they could still be selected by font renderers, if available
    >in fonts).

    You are entitled to your opinion. This work was begun and finished long ago.

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