RE: About the European MES-2 subset (was: PUA Audio Description, Subtitle, Signing)

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 07:07:36 EDT

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    Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > MES-2 is a collection of characters independant of their actual
    > To support MES-2 in a Unicode-compliant application, extra characters
    > need to be added, notably if the minimum requirement for information
    > interchange is the NFC form used by XML and HTML related standards.

    The Unicode normal forms (for a particular version of Unicode) is
    for ALL of the characters in that version. There is no concept of a
    Unicode normal form for a subset of the characters in a particular

    However, the MESes (there are four of them!) are useful for specifying
    "minimum European" font coverage, and "input method" support (the
    latter need not be via keyboard).

    This is not to say that the MESes are unproblematic. To mention just
    two points not already mentioned: none of the "new" math characters
    are included even in MES-3 (a, b), despite that "all" math characters
    were supposed to be included, and not even MES-3 covers all official
    minority languages.

    > It would be interesting to inform CEN about how MES-2 can be
    > documented to comply with all normative Unicode algorithms, and
    > the minimum is to ensure the NFC closure of this subset, which
    > should have better not included compatibility characters canonically
    > decomposed to singleton decompositions, and should now reintegrate
    > the missing NFC form.

    I think it is [extremely] unlikely at this point to expect anyone to
    or add new, MESes. Note that implementors are in no way prohibited
    from supporting (in fonts, plus rendering software, and some form of
    input) more than the MESes state. (But as Philippe states, there are
    rather useless characters that have been included for compatibility

                    /kent k

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