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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 07:36:10 EDT

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    On 17/07/2003 18:36, djinn wrote:

    > Although some list members may already be aware of these pages,
    > because there are still very few web sites today that present text
    > using a variety of Unicode ranges for purposes other than 'display
    > testing', I thought the entire list should know about the "Unicode"
    > pages on the Hot Peach Pages/EarthWords site:
    > 1. Languages A to I (
    > 2. Languages J to Z (
    > 3. Quick definition of DV (
    > (There is also an information page about how to 'access' Unicode at
    > This non-profit web site was intended as an international resource
    > from its inception, and has recently incorporated "Unicode" in order
    > to further that goal. Of the millions of web sites on the internet, it
    > may in fact be 'the' one that currently makes the most use of Unicode
    > ranges in furtherance of 'non-whimsical', 'non-technical' purposes.
    > Any suggestions for improvement would be welcomed.
    The Hebrew pages here are inadequate as a text of Unicode as they
    consist of only unpointed modern Hebrew. For a much fuller test of
    Hebrew support including vowels, cantillation marks etc, see (see also, and Genesis chapter 1 if you need a
    translation. Probably none of the nasty vowel combinations we were
    looking at on this page, I haven't checked what this site does about
    them in passages where they do occur.

    Peter Kirk

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