RE: About the European MES-2 subset

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 07:41:17 EDT

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    > >This is not to say that the MESes are unproblematic. To mention just
    > >two points not already mentioned: none of the "new" math characters
    > >are included even in MES-3 (a, b), despite that "all" math characters
    > >were supposed to be included

    Michael E responded:

    > That isn't true.

    Eeh, well, disregarding some CJK compat chars that have
    general category Sm (which are rightly excluded from the MESes),
    the following "blocks" (or formally, closely corresponding
    "collections") are missing from MES-3A (the largest of the MESes):

    27C0..27EF; Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A
    27F0..27FF; Supplemental Arrows-A
    2900..297F; Supplemental Arrows-B
    2980..29FF; Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B
    2A00..2AFF; Supplemental Mathematical Operators
    2B00..2BFF; Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows
    and (much as I dislike them, and they haven't GC Sm but L{u,l})
    1D400..1D7FF; Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols

    (MES-3A lists "collections" rather than individual characters, and
    includes some code points are not (yet) bound to any character.)

    But are you saying that it was not the the intent to include "all"
    math characters? But "all" the "old" ones (the ones that were
    included in 10646 at the time the MESes were deviced) are
    included even in the smaller MES-2.

    > >and not even MES-3 covers all official minority languages.
    > What's missing?

    Hebrew, used for Yiddish, which is now an official minority
    language in Sweden. (Though various languages written with
    the Arabic script are more common in official information to
    the public.) But I understand that was excluded since (in practice)
    anything bidi was excluded from the MESes.

    Also of "European" interest, though not for a "language" per se,
    are Braille patterns and modern musical symbols. (Not for "all"
    "European" fonts, though, but the same goes for math symbols.)

                    /kent k

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