Re: Using UniCode & International Charecters with Peachtree Accounting Program

From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 00:57:42 EDT

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    > Using UniCode & International Charecters with Peachtree Accounting Program
    > Up to Peachtrre Version 2003 we were able to use Unicode
    > for entering International Charecters, such as Arabic,
    > in the description field of Invoices, Receipts, Purchase
    > and Payments. We enter Arabic text in the description
    > field and were able to use peachtree succesfuly for our
    > company's accounting.
    > With version 2004 Unicode charecters are displayed as
    > empty square boxes. it appears that the font used in
    > input templates has changed and does not allow for
    > foreign characters to display correctly.

    First make sure that the problem actually is what you think it is:

    Copy and paste the empty square boxes to an environment which does use its
    own fonts.
    Pasting to SC UniPad, available at will do nicely.

    If in UniPad the text displays well, _then_ complain to Peachtree.

    By the way, the inability of Peachtree to _display_ those chars should have
    _no_ impact on how they are processed further.
    Unless the font for output has changed too the square boxes will be readable
    chars in the output.

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