Re: Yerushala(y)im - or Biblical Hebrew

From: John Hudson (
Date: Tue Jul 22 2003 - 23:49:09 EDT

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    Thinking about this whole Hebrew encoding/normalisation problem from the
    rendering side -- i.e. in terms of smart font glyph substitution and mark
    positioning -- it seems me that *if* a character is to be inserted between
    two vowels that visually follow a single consonant, it would be preferable
    if this were not a control character. If the character is something that is
    actually painted as a glyph, it is incredibly easy to resolve the rendering
    problems in the font's composition/decomposition <ccmp> feature by, for
    example, ignoring marks while 'ligating' the consonant + extra character to
    the consonant glyph alone. This would happen before the mark positioning
    takes place, so would ensure that the presence of the extra character does
    not break mark positioning in the way that actual control characters seem
    to (and which cannot be be included in <ccmp> lookups because they are not

    Of course, if this problem is thought about from the text search, sort,
    etc. perspective, the presence of a non-control character -- even an
    invisible one -- introduces problems, since it changes the encoding of the
    word. As noted previously, users are unlikely to know that they must insert
    an invisible character into search strings. My question is whether this is
    something that can be addressed in search engines and other places
    affected, so that this character could be filtered out during operations?
    Or, failing that, if we might here have a use for a new zero-width
    character that will be ignored during search and sort operations --- as
    control characters like ZWNJ and CGJ are -- but which will be painted -- as
    control characters typically are not?

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