Re: Yerushala(y)im - or Biblical Hebrew

Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 11:12:40 EDT

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    Peter Kirk <> wrote on 07/23/2003 09:55:02 AM:

    > Peter C, I guess that when you wrote this you had not yet seen my
    > posting pointing out that in Unicode 4.0 developers are obliged to
    > "implement" CGJ, quite apart from Hebrew, as a "default ignorable
    > character",

    Unicode does not ever oblige developers to implement support for any given
    character, including CGJ. But *if* a developer is going to implement
    support for CGJ, they may not want to do so just for rendering purposes,
    and they probably want to ensure that something done with Biblical Hebrew
    in mind doesn't hurt what they've done for other scripts. Sometimes things
    that seem to us as simple as saying "just do such-and-such" are not quite
    that simple to the people actually maintaining a large code base.

    - Peter

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