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Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 23:52:08 EDT

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    On Thursday, July 24, 2003 5:30 AM, Patrick Andries <> wrote:

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    > > For those languages based on ISCII (Indian Standard Code for
    > > Information Interchange), the codes used on NT/2000/XP are (both
    > > English and French script names given if they differ):
    > >
    > > 57002 (ISCII - devanagari - dévanâgari)
    > > 57003 (ISCII - bengali)
    > > 57004 (ISCII - tamil - tamoul)
    > > 57005 (ISCII - telugu - télougou)
    > > 57006 (ISCII - assamese - assamais)
    > > 57007 (ISCII - oriya)
    > > 57008 (ISCII - kannada)
    > > 57009 (ISCII - malayalam)
    > > 57010 (ISCII - gujarati - gujrati)
    > > 57011 (ISCII - pendjabi (gurmukhi) - panjabi (gurmukhi))
    > The French names are not the one used by ISO 10646,
    > For instance :
    > kannada (English) -> kannara (French)

    Sorry, but it does not list codepage numbers, and these are used in Windows.
    I showed the French names used in Windows. And my own experience is that most French resources still say "kannada" and not "kannara" (Google is certainly not authoritative, but even ISO members can make errors in their translation...

    For example, ISO forgets to put some accents which are almost always used, and this not only affects ISO10646 but other standards as well, where the same English term was chosen due to lack of knowledge, for example in language names, or in country names).

    Some translations were requested by countries that do not even recognize French in their official languages (notably by China), or requested to use combining accents that simply do not exist in French, or use unpronounceable orthographs with the French orthographic rules (for example when using official transliteration rules for proper names, which should not be used for common names or adjectives, and even if there's a large legacy orthograph accepted since long, notably for Indian names).

    There are also errors in IBM ICU/Openi18n resources (some of them are really unforgivable, as they introduce confusion with unrelated language names or territories, such as French Guyana translated as "Guinée Française" instead of "Guyane Française" or just "Guyane"!!!)...

    So may be Microsoft is wrong in French versions of Windows XP, but that's what I see in my Advanced Regional Settings control panel...

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