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From: Patrick Andries (Patrick.Andries@xcential.com)
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 01:56:05 EDT

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    From: "Philippe Verdy" <verdy_p@wanadoo.fr>

    > > The French names are not the one used by ISO 10646,
    > >
    > > For instance :
    > > kannada (English) -> kannara (French)
    > >
    > > http://pages.infinit.net/hapax/chapitre15.html
    > > http://babel.alis.com/codage/hapax/U32F-0C80.pdf
    > Sorry, but it does not list codepage numbers, and these are used in

    [PA] They show the ISO names.

    > I showed the French names used in Windows. And my own experience is that
    most French resources still say "kannada" and not "kannara" (Google is
    certainly not authoritative, but even ISO members can make errors in their

    [PA] Well, how about Le Larousse as a reference ? Kannara (1st spelling) or
    Canara (2nd spelling). No Kannada. Not found in Le Petit Robert. Okay, went
    through my boxes (I moved a few months ago...), Meillet and Cohen in Les
    Langues du monde (2 volumes) write « canara ». James Février in Histoire de
    l'écriture also writes « canara » or « kannara », etc.

    > So may be Microsoft is wrong in French versions of Windows XP, but that's
    what I see in my Advanced Regional Settings control panel...

    Well, Microsoft has been given the lists of characters, but they don't seem
    to have corrected their names. We have already spoken about this here; I
    agree with you that this is irritating.

    P. A.

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