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Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 10:50:47 EDT

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    Alan Wood posted:

    > I think this leaves only one character in the old Symbol font that does not
    > have a Unicode equivalent:
    > RADICAL EXTENDER (decimal 96 in the Windows version)
    > Or does anyone know where it can be found in Unicode?

    Not in Unicode.

    Postscript radicalex is an odd character, imaged as a space followed by
    an overline to the right of the current position so that the next
    character entered appears under that line but preceded by the space.

    In plain text it did not work for its supposed purpose because of that
    extra spacing. A simple non-spacing digit-width overline without the
    leading space would seem to be what should have been provided.

    I would guess it was used on occasion by equation building software
    which would overlap the initial space part of the character.

    But under Unicode plain text U+0305 COMBINING OVERLINE would seem more

    One might propose a new character RADICAL EXTENDER OVERLINE which would
    be a combining overline guaranteed to be at exactly the proper height to
    join the radical.

    The only reason I can see for encoding Postscript radicalex in Unicode
    would be for compatibility purposes if it has in fact been used with a
    large body of data.

    I suppose if one were translating to Unicode and came across this
    radicalex followed by a character X one could replace it by U+00A0
    NON-BREAKING SPACE followed by X followed by U+0305 COMBINING OVERLINE.

    Jim Allan

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