Re: About CGJ (was: Yerushala(y)im - or Biblical Hebrew)

Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 14:05:11 EDT

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    Philippe Verdy wrote on 07/23/2003 10:19:09 PM:

    > However, its canonical decomposition into <COMBINING DIERESIS,
    > COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT> who are both of combining class
    > 230 (Above), has an impact in renderers: they are supposed to stack
    > one above the other, so the ACUTE ACCENT (oxia, tonos) should
    > appear *above* the DIERESIS (Dialytika). But usage in Greek (similar
    > cases occur with Vietnamese Latin letters with two above diacritics),
    > show that they do not stack up, but above diacritics are really
    > combined (the tonos accent is written in the middle of the two dots of
    > the dialitika).
    > So this is alredy a case where diacritics can (and should) ligate by
    > default, and that a CGJ may be used to remove (?) this ligature of
    > accents and instead use the vertical stack.

    Not needed, IMO, nor would it be a good idea to use CGJ as a rendering
    control. A while ago there was an idea that CGJ could be used as a
    rendering control in exactly the opposite way: presence of CGJ would give
    the side-by-side stacking needed for Vietnamese and Greek. That idea was
    rejected, however. (Besides, the positioning for Greek and for Vietnamese
    are not entirely the same.)

    > If this is wrong, then
    > how do you combine a macron with a dieresis?

    *Macron* and diaeresis? How can these combine in any way other than
    vertical stacking?

    > If correct placement of diacritics must be specified, could we use the
    > ideographic description characters to create those combining
    > sequences with a more descriptive composition rule?

    Yikes! My initial reaction is that I hope we don't go that direction.

    - Peter

    Peter Constable

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