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From: Alex Bochannek (
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 16:51:47 EDT

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    I think it really depends on how people work. I am using an on-screen
    display frequently, but cannot afford to have it up all the time since it
    eats up screen real estate and also won't travel when switching virtual
    desktops/workspaces. I agree that these are fairly minor implementation
    issues though that can be resolved.

    While I also agree with your ergonomical comment in principal, I have found
    both for myself as well as many other people I have worked with that they
    will inevitably look at the keyboard as soon as they move outside the
    standard graphical keys they are all used to. I myself have been in
    situations where I had to switch keyboard layouts (as well as actual
    physical key arrangement) several times a day and just finding something
    like an ampersand or a dollar sign proved difficult. The immediacy of
    having the correct symbol printed on the key I am supposed to hit is, in my
    opinion, superior to having to derive the physical key location from an
    on-screen rendition of the keyboard. Not that the latter isn't useful and I
    do not doubt that it works better for some people.

    Another area of application that I already eluded to in my previous posting
    is the use of function keys. Since sufficiently complex, graphical
    applications frequently remap keys including the standard graphical keys,
    their users will replace the keycaps with often times color-coded keys that
    have symbols in addition to letters printed on them. I have seen this in
    different business fields including finance and A/V.


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