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Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 20:40:21 EDT

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    Alex Bochannek wrote:
    > I think it really depends on how people work. I am using an on-screen
    > display frequently, but cannot afford to have it up all the time since it
    > eats up screen real estate and also won't travel when switching virtual
    > desktops/workspaces. I agree that these are fairly minor implementation
    > issues though that can be resolved.

    I agree. If it is going to be on-screen, it should have some degree of
    transparency, much like way robotic viewing is depicted in movies and
    television, as seeing the entire scene while various numerical displays and
    graphics are overlayed. Esp. as the user learns the keyboard the amount of
    detail can be reduced/transparency increased.

    I'd like a few key caps to project different sequences of little pins as the
    keyboard changes so there was a tactile difference as well. (just bumps, the
    pins don't need to draw blood. ;-) ) I find it frustrating sometimes working
    with an IME while typing in something from a document, and I lose track of the
    IME setting, since I am looking at the document, not the screen. I guess a
    more practical solution is to have wirelessly connected glasses that provide
    the keyboard overlay view of the world and can be seen when looking at a
    document, or elsewhere.

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