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Date: Sat Jul 26 2003 - 16:13:06 EDT

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    On 26/07/2003 11:10, Frank da Cruz wrote:

    >This sort of thing is endlessly fascinating to (some of) us Americans,
    >whose concepts of "nation" and "state" are so simplistic :-) Here's
    >my attempt to sort it out:
    >It is in constant need of revision and refinement.
    >- Frank
    And I must say I always thought Little Britain was Ireland. Apologies,
    Michael and compatriots. Well, I know it is not a British Isle in the
    sense of ownership or soverignty (leaving aside Northern Ireland), but
    geographical terms are not usually taken as implying that. When we
    British speak of the Irish Sea we are not ceding sovereignty.

    Queen Victoria was of course Empress of India, not Emperor. No other
    British monarch had that title. The territories now known as Pakistan
    were also part of her empire, also Malawi (Nyasaland), the Falkland
    Islands, and probably several other territories.

    England was never ruled by the French! Please! It was ruled by the
    Normans, who were Vikings who had previously conquered part of France,
    and were French speakers, but never ethnic French and never rulers of
    most of France. Real French conquerors have never set foot on this
    island, apart from a few disastrous skirmishes.

    Peter Kirk

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