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From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Sat Jul 26 2003 - 14:10:54 EDT

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    > "United Kingdom of Great Britain" as opposed to the present "United Kingdom
    > of Great Britain and Northern Ireland". The whishful misnomer "United
    > Kingdom" of course refers to the union of the erstwhile independant kingdoms
    > of England (including the principality of Wales and various other
    > territories) and Scotland. "Ireland" and later the reduced "Northern
    > Ireland" was tagged onto the official name of the country as somewhat of an
    > afterthought (no doubt reflecting its status within the political union).
    > BTW the Duchy of Cornwall is part of England, even if the Cornish are not
    > necessarily English.
    This sort of thing is endlessly fascinating to (some of) us Americans,
    whose concepts of "nation" and "state" are so simplistic :-) Here's
    my attempt to sort it out:

    It is in constant need of revision and refinement.

    - Frank

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