RE: Damn'd fools

Date: Mon Jul 28 2003 - 09:00:30 EDT

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    > Everyone who sounds French, because they speak French, is not French.
    > Ask any French speaking Canadian or Swiss, or any Swedish
    > speaking Finn.

    If a duke living in (arguably) French territory (he was a vassal of the king of France)
    and speaking (arguably) French crosses the Channel and gets the throne, and the administration
    continues to speak French, I'll call him and them French, regardless of their "original origin" (normänner
    or not), and what their subjects were. The change to "English" was gradual, not black and white.

    I have this feeling that your interpretation is that they were not (evernever!) French and
    they became "English" immediately on stepping to the beach of Dover... :-)

    > Perhaps if I suggest that Finland was once part of Russia,

    Yes, it was. And before that a part of Sweden. Your point being...? :-)

    > your response might get Pedants Anonymous to send you an invitation. :-)

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