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Date: Mon Jul 28 2003 - 15:25:03 EDT

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    > So if Finland was part of Russia, Canada is part of England. How do you
    > like that one, Karljürgen? Should I expect an imminent French (Canadian)
    > invasion?

    [Acknowledging lack of personal certitude regarding the facts of
    Finno-Russian history...]

    Well... One can camouflage a certain amount of imperialism under things like
    dukedoms... and as for the relationship of Canada to Great Britain (rather
    than England, specifically) my wife and I argue about that plenty [she being
    British and taking the view that we're still some kind of glorified colony,
    while I take the more republican view that we're just being polite to
    everyone concerned and simply ignoring GB and minding our own business...]

    Finally, other people generally are more likely to be invaded by French
    Canadians than English Canadians (and others) considering that recently
    (before the last provincial election, which the separatists lost) the Quebec
    government was making a meal of being more in favour of the Iraq war than
    the rest of us. But before invading, I suspect they'd do a survey first as
    to whether or not the Brits would be willing to subscribe to their
    French-only-language law... (otherwise it wouldn't be worth their effort.)

    Aside: This is rather enjoyable, but I think maybe getting a bit silly, and
    I would really rather know whether there's any fundamental Masoretic
    rationale for encoding holem>waw any differently from waw-holem....

    Either that or we should rename the list. Whaddaya think, Rick? ;)

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    > Peter Kirk

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