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Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 10:51:19 EDT

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    Peter Kirk said:
    > I don't agree that ancient history should necessarily determine this.
    > It's a bit like the distinction between U and V in English, in fact
    > closely analogous phonetically. As originally used in English they were
    > one character. But I don't think that would justify an argument that
    > they should now be encoded as one character and distinguished only by
    > context or markup. In current usage they are clearly distinct, and that
    > should be decisive.

    Fair enough. But there is still a difference between typographic variance
    because some fontographers choose to do so and relatively generally accepted
    orthography (as with u, v). It would seem in this case that there is enough
    accepted practice, both ancient and modern, to warrant the differentiation
    in encoding.

    That being said, I think one would like homogeneity in encoding principle,
    with the variance shown or not on the typographic level. No?

    >K, I
    > don't think you French Canadians

    Peter, I'm *NOT* French-Canadian. I'm English Canadian but with French
    citizenship. (In a very strict sense, I'm Québecois as I was born here, but
    in every practical sense, culturally and as far as the 'real' Québecois are
    concerned, I'm not one of them.)

    > would be very happy if accented upper
    > case vowels were removed from Unicode because they are not used in
    > France.

    Though I have to confess that I use accented uppercase vowels, but not
    through Québecois influence, simply because they're there an I believe in
    maximum clues for the reader.

    > (I must find some way to divide you from the real French :-) )

    No you don't . I *am* real French. You have to find a way to divide me from
    'real' Québecois or more generally from real French-Canadians.

    (We could have a lot of fun arguing about what 'real Brits' are...)


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